The Jacques Loeb Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Life
Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev offers fellowships to PhD
and post-doctoral students as well as support for visiting research
and scholars to participate in the following project:
Intellectual history and epistemology of modern structural and
informational biology
The project's goals are as follows:
• To trace the changing epistemologies in selected areas of
informational and structural biology from the 19th century to the
present and the way these have been affected by novel ideas,
technologies, and practices. This includes the molecular biology of
complex characteristics such as development or developmental
diseases. Among the pertinent philosophical theories we examine are
those of Bacon, Whewell, Popper, Polanyi, and Kuhn.
• To elucidate how the recent availability of big data and new
computational methods that impact many areas of biology are (i)
changing research practices, often increasing the efficiency and
scope of research; (ii) challenging traditional epistemologies and
basic assumptions concerning scientific truth, mistaken conclusions,
and fraud.
Researchers must have expertise in philosophy, biology, and/or the history
of science. They are expected to participate in the activities of the
including seminars and conferences.
1Application Process
Applicants should provide the following (in English):
• CV
• Research proposal (optional)
• Two letters of reference (PhD and post-doc students only)
• Masters’ or PhD thesis and/or any publication(s)
Fellowship Length
Fellowships are awarded for up to two years with the option to prolong.
Start Date
The fellowship begins in October 2018.
Application Deadline
The deadline for applications is 18 May 2018.
Further Information
For additional information about the Centre and the stipend please contact:
The Jacques Loeb Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Life
Prof. Ute Deichmann, Director
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, P.O.B 653, Beer Sheva 84105, Israel
Building 39, Room -114
Phone: +972-8-6472258, Fax +972-8-6428497