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Postdoctoral Fellowship 'History of Modern Physics'

The Faculteit Wetenschappen en Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen, Vakgroep
Fysica, of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is looking for a postdoctoral
researcher in the history of modern physical sciences to work on the Solvay
Science Project.


The International Solvay Institutes owe their existence to the vision of
Ernest Solvay, founder of the International Institute for Physics (1912)
and its counterpart for Chemistry (1913). Pursuing his legacy, the Solvay
family created in 1970 the International Solvay Institutes in association
with the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Vrije Universiteit
Brussel (VUB). As a token of the Institutes’ dedication for scientific
research, physicists and chemists have joined forces with historians and
archivists to launch the Solvay Science Project, a multilingual virtual
exhibit showcasing a selection of first-hand documents and images from the
archival collections of the International Solvay Institutes.

Duties and responsibilities:

You will contribute to feed the Solvay Science Project website, i.a. by
writing contextual essays alongside the digital resources;

You will advance your own research agenda by producing original research
leading to academic publications, policy analyses, blog posts, or similar

You will work closely with researchers and faculty from the VUB and the ULB
to engage in outreach activities, as well as to provide administrative
support, for the Solvay Science Project;

You will dedicate as much as half of your time to the project by consulting
the historical archives of the International Solvay Institutes held at the

For this function, our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
(Elsene/Ixelles) will serve as your home base.